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Ms Yearbook Class (elective)

Yearbook is a fun interesting class.  Students actually create the publication that contains the memories of the school term.  Students will learn a number of things and be involved in all types of activities during the class.

Students will be involved in journalism, photography, planning, editing, and advertisement.  They will have stake and ownership in the book they create.  Students will work with computers a great deal of time in the actual creation of the yearbook, however, each student will also be expected to work on things outside of class as well.  Students will go to events and take pictures, they will also record facts about events that pertain to the school, and students will be expected to reach out in the community to sell advertisement space within the yearbook.

There is also some down time in the class, when we will not actually be working on the production of the yearbook, and will be learning about journalism skills.  

Yearbook is a refreshing course that will allow students to actually observe things around them, and realize the idea of control and edit within themselves :)